The Chocolates

~ hand made organic artisan chocolate inspired by our cyclic nature as women ~

Truffles made with love, using raw, organic cacao, nut butters and wonderful herbs & flowers.

The flavours so far (more in development):

Rose & Cramp Bark – inspired for Day 1 of the cycle

Rose & Cramp Bark
This one I designed for ‘Day 1’ of the cycle.. or perhaps day 2 if this is where your pain lies.
A soft and creamy truffle with rose to delight the feminine floral senses.
A comforting taste to connect your heart and womb. With a mild dose of cramp bark*, to remind your bodies muscles to relax and let the flow flow.

*Cramp bark sourced from a sustainable medicinal trees & shrubs project in Devon

Apricot, Almond & Ginger – Inspired for day 4

apricot alm ginger 4

With iron rich apricots, potassium rich almonds and warming, circulatory, digestive ginger, this truffle is perfect for day 3 – 4 of your cycle.. to encourage circulation and uplift iron and magnesium in your system.

Maca & Shatavari – Inspired for day 8

maca 4

Maca & Shatavari are the perfect combination for the end of your bleed, when you need a little boost to support you in being out in the world again!

Maca is a wonderful superfood from Peru. Rich in zinc, iodine and essential fatty acids (EFAs), it is renowned for being a hormone balancer, mood enhancer and supports energy levels by bringing a spring back in your step!
Blended in this creamy sweet truffle with shatavari – THE women’s aureveydic herb. Traditionally used as a rejuvenative tonic for the reproductive system; promoting healthy energy levels and strength; supporting the immune system and having antioxidant properties.

Cranberry & Blood Orange – Inspired by day 12?!….

Citrusy blood orange with tangy cranberries, a sweet and fruity bite.
Full of vitamin C 😉
Blood orange… so much fun!

Hazelnut, Damiana & Acai – inspired for day 14

Hazelnut, Damiana & Acai

Nutty toasted hazelnuts with damiana and acai berry powder.
A perfect pick me up with subtle aphrodisiac properties of damiana.
With antioxidant rich acai berry powder.

Lavender, Chamomile & Calendula – inspired for day 26

lavender 4

A floral truffle, rich in lavender helping relax and ease emotional release.
With comforting chamomile and calendula for a floral treat just before your bleed.

Moon Time Chocolates are currently only available direct through me, so please contact me by clicking here.
£1 each – (I provide a discount for larger quantities/wholesale, for retreats/workshops – contact me)
Postage costs £2.85 for any number of chocolates. Or collection/delivery can be arranged from Easton, Bristol.

The recommended ‘days’ to eat the chocolates are based on the moon cycle of 28 days. Feel free to adapt this to the length of your cycle.
These chocolates are inspired by the menstrual cycle, but it does not mean you cannot eat them if you don’t have one. Please enjoy!
All the information provided on this website is for reference only. I do not make any claims that these chocolates are medicinal.