First Frost

The first little frost. Stepping outside this morning and my breath being a damp mist in front of my face, Small ice crystals on surfaces. The cold reaching every part of me, Inspiring a hop, skip and jump of excitement. I love this time of year. The cosy evenings, warm fires and woolly jumpers. I … [Read more…]

Moon Brother

Moon Brother Moon Brother. I see you there, waiting for me, As I wait for the moon to rise. She burns red. In her fullness. My belly round with her. I see you there, Moon Brother. I see you. Welcome to my embrace. Welcome to my femininity. Welcome to yours. As our roots reach deep … [Read more…]

The seasons change…

The hedgerows start brimming with ripe blackberries; The light in the evenings fading a bit earlier. It is time to take stock and harvest the fruits of the year. Making the most of the sunny days whilst they last, early evening walks, the land surprising us with hazelnuts ~ untouched by the squirrels. An abundance … [Read more…]

Feeding the plants…

There are many ways in which we can utilise our menstrual blood. I always like to collect my blood and give it back to the Earth. I use washable cloth pads* ~ which I soak in water and then feed to the plants in the garden. I also use a Mooncup, which allows for a … [Read more…]

Day 2. Still

I listen. I hear. Nature. Nature. Nature. Nature. This is a death. Flowing waters, blowing breeze, dancing trees. Curled, wrapped up under the branches ~ above the roots. Held in the space in between. A soft solidness grounding me, encasing me. I see. I look. I long to look closely. Study every detail. Your shapes, … [Read more…]

Day 2. Surrender

The most content feeling, When everything seems fulfilled, With resting. That’s all that needs to be on the to do list. Rest. And then you can feel accomplished. There is nothing else for me to do here. Surrender. Surrendering to nothingness. The fullness. The drop. The space around. The space within. That dull dragging sensation. … [Read more…]

Day 15. Setting off down the mountain

Day 13 I launched my shop. Lammas. Harvest Celebration. August 1st. It felt prime. I worked 11 hours. Motivated and OUT THERE! Day 14 came, I could feel the peak of ovulation. The height, juiciness, potency and love. That day didn’t last. I have used all my energy, I am run down. I drop. That’s … [Read more…]