Feeding the plants…

There are many ways in which we can utilise our menstrual blood.
I always like to collect my blood and give it back to the Earth.

I use washable cloth pads* ~ which I soak in water and then feed to the plants in the garden. I also use a Mooncup, which allows for a richer concentration and can be used in ritual, as paint, facemasks, food… etc. This deserves another post…

For now, I talk about feeding the plants.

Menstrual blood is highly nutritious. And although you may not feel inspired to take a sip from your mooncup, your plants will love you for it.
Especially roses. Look at the roses growing in my garden. Just a small plant earlier this year ~ now abundant with gorgeous red flowers, more buds appearing all the time… clear evidence they LOVE it! (apparently tomatoes love it too).

Dilute your blood with water first ~ to ensure absorption and not to overbear the plant as it is very rich.

* Washable cloth pads available from many outlets: www.moontimes.co.uk, www.ecofemme.orgwww.honouryourflow.co.ukand many more (get in touch with me if you want to be added to the list!).