Day 15. Setting off down the mountain

Day 13 I launched my shop. Lammas. Harvest Celebration. August 1st.

It felt prime. I worked 11 hours. Motivated and OUT THERE!

Day 14 came, I could feel the peak of ovulation. The height, juiciness, potency and love.
That day didn’t last. I have used all my energy, I am run down. I drop. That’s it. The descent has begun. So soon. Day 14!

That feeling of climbing over the top of the mountain peak, gasping at the breathtaking view, celebrating your achievements, screaming from the top of your voice… and then, recognising that it is time to start the walk down. Satisfied, nourished, full and enthused… but downward. Lower and lower.. I can still see the mountain top if I look back ~ and the valley below seems quite a way away. But I am definitely contracting..